Amika Heat Protectant – a superpower for your hair

We all love the look when we’ve just walked from the salon – gloriously smooth and silky hair with a lot of bounce. When you get your hair styled in a pro salon, they will be using professional grade products and safe techniques to style your hair. When you do a bit of DIY styling at home, there’s a risk you could seriously damage your locks. That’s why Amika heat protectant and products should be on your shopping list. Read More

Drying and styling the hair using a hairdryer, straighteners, and curling tongs can inflict irreversible damage to the hair cuticle. We’ve all seen people who have gone too far with the heat and are now living with brittle unhealthy-looking hair. It doesn’t have to be so. The Amika heat protection spray and product range will provide a protective barrier for your hair when exposing it to extreme heat, limiting damage and letting you get the look you want.

The Amika heat protectant range

One of the best Amika heat protection products is Amika Blockade Heat Defence Serumwhich protects hair up to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is suitable for all hair textures, and even safe for coloured hair. It’s also super versatile – you can apply one or two pumps of serum before drying or using heat tools, or alternatively one or two pumps after styling to lock in the style and create a protective barrier against the elements.

The must-have Blockage Defence Serum is not the only weapon against heat damage in Amika’s arsenal. The Wizard Detangling Primer is a lightweight mist which does exactly what it promises – makes it easy to detangle all those knots before drying. It is also a heat protectant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and can cut down drying time significantly. We love the fact it comes in three handy sizes – Jumbo at 500ml, Standard at 118ml and the super cute 30ml travel size. This Amika heat protection spray isatravel staple as the one product protects against heat, gives a super glossy finish, andcan be used with any type of hair.

Tame the frizz with Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm

The last product from Amika’s heat protection range that we stock is this brilliant balm. For people with previously treated hair such as colouring, keratin, or Brazilian blowdry, or for those with wavy, dry, or coarse hair, frizz can seriously ruin your look. Hot and cold weather, humidity and the elements can all contribute to out-of-control hair, so a couple of pumps of this wonder balm and soothe your hair into submission. When applied to damp hair, the conditioning polymers will smooth down the cuticle and shaft of the hair, keeping the layers closer together and avoiding the flyaway look. Their powerful anti-static properties are key to being able to dry with or without heat without compromising smoothness. We also stock a huge range of Amika products on our store.

Take control with the Amika Heat protectant range – for all hair types, it’s the first defence against heat damage and frizz. Shop now and enjoy free shipping all over Canada for orders over $75!
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