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We at Hedkandi are delighted to offer our customers the delectable range of Living Proof in Canada – a high-grade collection of hair products that go beyond their conventional counterparts. Powered by science and developed by experts in the field of haircare innovation, the revolutionary scientific minds behind Living Proof hair products & shampoos have been reinvented entirely to create and cultivate an exclusive collection of carefully designed shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are perfect for all types of hair and curl patterns.

Living Proof hair products Living Proof Canadaare an evolutionary selection of brand-new goodies that service your hair from the root to the ends. This is made possible thanks to input from scientists and top industry experts and unbeatable ingredients taking the haircare industry by storm. Modern hair care is all about strengthening and repairing during each wash – and that’s exactly what Living Proof is specifically designed to do with every single use. Read More

Why Buy Living Proof Products for Your Hair?

The Living Proof hair products in Canada are among the top products on the market in their particular niche: science-backed haircare. Their nourishing shampoos and conditioners are scientifically designed and developed to bring out the best of your hair’s natural beauty and health, helping you maximize its strength, shimmer, and shine for naturally gorgeous locks that are left soft, silky, and manageable. These science-enriched shampoos and conditioners are purpose-made to provide intense, deep treatment and conditioning right at the root without building up on the scalp, affording you beauteous volume, eye-catching shine, and hair that’s protected from breakage. Noticeably healthier hair and overall improved condition after just five washes, Living Proof’s entire range of products boasts a quality on another level, with science and industry knowledge in the driver’s seat.

What’s more, it’s not just shampoos and conditioners that Canadian Living Proof has in store for hair that’s in need of transformation; there’s an entire myriad of styling products and treatments to spoil your hair with – and they are all just as technologically advanced and made with the very best ingredients to deliver maximum treatment and protection.

  • Thickening hair mousse to pump texture and volume into fine hair in need of life
  • Flexible hairsprays to keep your styled locks in place all day long
  • Dry shampoos to freshen your hair on the go
  • Moisturizing hair masks to liven up dry, damaged tresses and revive colour-treated strands

Buy Living Proof in Canada and Get Super Fast Delivery

With a brand as superior and advanced as Living Proof, you want to ensure you purchase from a reputed, specialist haircare supplier in Canada that ensures legitimacy and quality are in every single batch, which is exactly what we at Henkandi are, and do – and we do it well. Over two decades ago, we dived hair first into the creative culture of carefully curated hair care. Thanks to our many years in the industry, we know what products deserve to be sold to our customers on our website and in our boutique salons – and we are proud to offer only the best, hand-picked hair care collections from brands that our clients, both new and old, have always loved. As such, every single one of our customers has their very own luxury online platform that offers top brand names in the realm of haircare - and Living Proof shampoo is only one of them.

So, get your Living Proof treats for your hair today, and you’ll have the luxe, luscious tresses you’ve always dreamed of thanks to this extraordinary brand’s advanced, science-driven haircare technology that’s breaking all the rules and building your hair’s joie-de-vivre. Browse our collection of products from various other brands such as Bumble and Bumble, Amika, Oribe, Olaplex and other hair care essentials or get in touch to discuss the best products for your hair type and texture. We look forward to delivering our products to you soon.

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