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Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream



Standard (150mL)

  • Product Description

      This powerful perfecting cream protects against heat and humidity for super sleek strands that still have body and movement. Blowouts become quicker, more manageable and alluringly enduring. Read More


      • 450° heat protection
      • Transforms thick, curly hair into long-lasting, straight styles
      • Smoothes hair while maintaining body and movement
      • Controls frizz and flyaways
      • Strengthens and restores hair fiber
      • Seals split-ends
      • Blowouts are easier and more manageable
      • Dermatologist-tested. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride. Color and keratin treatment safe. UV protection for hair. Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. 

      HOW TO USE:
      Distribute throughout damp hair, section by section, before blowing out silky smooth. A flat-iron finish adds extra perfection.


      • Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower Extracts) defends hair from  oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin, all while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.
      • Straightening Copolymer Blend smoothes hair while fighting humidity and frizz.
      • Heat-Activated Protein provides protection against the damaging and drying effects of thermal styling.
      • Great Mullein Flower, rich in Vitamin B1, B5 and B12, creates soft and manageable hair while smoothing split ends and increasing shine.
      • Hydrolyzed Quinoa strengthens and protects hair from breakage while providing body and movement.
      • Yacón Root Juice, a tropical plant native to Peru, delivers nourishment and antioxidants to the hair.

      Beautiful Blowouts with Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream

      Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream might be the product you have been looking for all your life if you have frizzy or curly hair. If your locks tend to go wild at the first sign of heat or humidity, a blowout cream can really help to tame your mane. It leaves you with glorious volume and a smooth, sleek look. Unfortunately, blowouts and flat irons use heat to break down the chemical bonds in the hair to allow the hair to be styled straight. Heat tends to make curly or frizzy hair even more unruly, but a good blowout cream can produce the look you are going for while protecting your hair.

      The result is long-lasting sleek looks which still contain healthy body and natural movement. Best of all, using this cream during blowouts will save you time, as you will get the result you are looking for fast, and you are unlikely to need several different products to achieve the look you want. 

      How Does Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream Work?

      Through its special formulation, Oribe’s signature blowout cream provides 450-degree protection against heat. It smoothes down the follicle of the hair while protecting the hair shaft and ends from heat damage. This means it tackles your hair’s natural tendency to be flyaway while protecting it from the ravaging effects of heat. Dry hair can also become frizzy if deprived of moisture, so this cream also delivers great hydration to the hair. Best of all, the look will be long-lasting, which is not always guaranteed with non-premium brands. We stock Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream in Canada, and we love it as it’s not tested on animals and is paraben free. It also prevents and repairs split ends – a bane for people with curly or frizzy hair.

      So, how should you use the cream? All you need to do is apply a small amount to the hair after washing and combing through. Section your hair, and blow dry starting from the lower sections near your neck first. This will ensure your hair is dry from the foundation upwards. For an ultra-sleek look or to refresh your straight style, finish off with a pair of flat irons and a serum if required.

      What Kind of Hair Does The Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream Work Best On?

      Oribe has designed this cream for use on thick, unmanageable, or frizzy hair. Traditionally this kind of hair can be very challenging to style into a straight look. It can hold a style for an hour or two, but the moment it comes into contact with humidity, it will revert back to its natural state. This can be frustrating for people with curly or thick hair, but if you buy Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, your hair worries will be a thing of the past.  Of course, people with finer or straighter hair can also use this wonder product, but you might choose to put slightly less on when styling. For the best prices for Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout CreamOribe dry shampoo, Oribe dry conditioner or any other hair care essentials, check out the collection below. Fabulous straight styles are within your grasp with Oribe!

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