Oribe Dry Conditioner

The clever people at Oribe never fail to wow us with their premium luxury haircare products. We are huge fans of their work, as they neatly fill the niche in high-quality hair products where you can see and feel the difference. If you are searching for the best Oribe dry conditioner, look no further. We think you might have just found your next go-to product! Read More

Refresh Your Hair – Anytime, Anywhere With Oribe Dry Conditioner

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is a must-have for all girls on the go. Sometimes you might notice your hair isn’t looking that fresh, but you don’t have time to wash it. Maybe you are at work, and the heat and humidity of the summer are getting to your hairstyle. Maybe you have a hot date right after work and your hair needs a bit of lift? We think Oribe dry conditioner is the best in Canada for an instant refresh. Available in standard size and a handy travel size, this product can be slipped into your purse for emergency repairs to your hair. Special patented ingredients soak up oil at the roots, giving you a just styled look with sexy volume and finish. This product leaves no powdery residue and has a host of goodies to provide shine and repair, leaving your hair refreshed, smelling great and easy to style. This is a wonderful alternative to the traditional Oribe dry shampoo and comes from salon experts Oribe.

Can I use Oribe Conditioner for Dry Hair?

Although dry shampoo and conditioner work by absorbing excess oil at the root and the body of the hair, some people worry that it can be too drying. You either end up with frizzy dry ends and decent looking roots, or the opposite where your hair is overloaded with sebum at the roots. The beauty of Oribe Dry Conditioner is the magic of its formulation, which means it can treat different hair conditions at the same time. The product does not contain any parabens or sodium chloride meaning it’s not as drying to the hair.

This wonder product contains protective elements which shield your hair from the elements to protect the condition and colour of your style. Dirt, oil and scents are absorbed by this spray, while other elements provide moisture balancing properties and provide great shine. This patented formula also allows you to style and re-introduce volume into your hair to keep that salon-fresh look. It also smells divine and can save your style when your hair is really begging for a trip to the salon.

Of course, Oribe also has a full range of at-home shampoos such as Oribe dry shampoo Oribe gold lust repair shampoo, Oribe dry shampoo and conditioners to take care of your hair as part of your daily routine. We find though, it’s really handy to carry a bottle of dry shampoo or conditioner in case of a sudden emergency. We would also recommend Oribe Dry Finishing Spray as a handbag essential. We all lead busy lives, and it can be hard to fit self-care into our routines. Oribe is your secret weapon against time pressure, allowing you with just one spritz to make sure your hair is looking good. Appearances matter, so let Oribe help you to keep that aspect of life under control. Shop now, and see what Oribe can do for you!

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