Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush



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Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush


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      Thermal ceramic barrel and nylon bristles create that “just blown-out” look, without the use of a blow dryer or hot air.


      • 1.5" Ceramic Barrel - emit far-infrared heat that instantly penetrates the cortex of the hair cuticle, heating from the inside out. The hair is heated evenly and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage.
      • 0.5" Nylon Bristles - to gently grip, smooth and style all hair types and lengths.
      • Ionic generator - to increase negative ion output resulting in shiny, smooth, frizz-free results with zero static.
      • 356°F / 180°C temperature - to smooth all hair types and textures.
      • Heat resistant handle, cool tip design and lightweight body - to guarantee easy, comfortable and safe styling.
      • Ready And Able - an easy grip, 9 foot 360° swivel cord made of heat-proof, up to 450ºF (232ºC), fabric and a professional hook makes use and storage simple.
      • 100–125 V 
      • 1 year warranty 
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      HOW TO USE:
      On dry hair, simply use this bombshell Blowout Thermal Brush as you would a round brush and blow dryer to achieve a smooth, voluminous blowout in half the time.

      For added shine - activate the negative ion generator! Simply slide the on/off button all the way up until it glows red, then green.

      For more volume and body - activate the negative ion generator! Simply slide the on/off button down until it only glows red.

      Blow out not blow up with the Amika Thermal Brush

      We all love a pro-level blowout, but the damage that conventional straighteners and hair dryers can wreak on our hair means that often it’s just not worth it. However, with the Amika Thermal Brush, you can enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to its ground-breaking technology. This wonder product is constructed from a thermal ceramic barrel – perfect for conducting heat – and nylon bristles to control and style the hair. There’s no blow dryer in this blow out – but rather thermal heat drying from the inside out. Read More

      What puts the Amika Thermal Blowout Brush on our wish list is that it has an optional ionic generator. Say goodbye to frizz and static by sliding the button into “on” mode. This will result in a negative ion charge being generated, leaving you with smooth, shiny hair. The humidity and heat can play havoc with a blowout, so we are so in love with this nifty little trick.

      The Amika Thermal Round Brush is also highly versatile – it’s suitable for all hair lengths, types, and textures and heats hair in approximately half the time of a conventional dryer or straightener. This means there is far less chance of damaging the hair cuticle. Once the hair shaft has been damaged due to excessive heat or the elements, it can be very challenging to repair and restore. Avoid this situation entirely by choosing the Amika Thermal Brush for pro-level hair care.

      What makes the Amika Thermal Round Brush different

      The Thermal Blowout Brush by Amika couldn’t be easier to use. It is lightweight and comes with a heat-proof nine metre cord and a swivel head capable of 360-degree rotation. This ensures that you have flexibility when you need it for easy and safe styling. The negative ion generator has two superpowers. As mentioned before sliding the button to the “green” setting will result in negative ions being released, reducing frizz, and leaving your hair silky smooth. However, for incredible volume, slide the setting to “red” to provide amazing body. Customers love the versatility of this styling tool which makes daily styling a reality without significant damage to the hair.

      The Amika Thermal Brush can be found in professional salon settings and it’s also a must-have for serious home stylists. This nifty gadget comes with a one-year warranty and full operational instructions. As it eliminates the need to have a separate blow dryer, this is the go-to for those who like packing light for that fantastic tropical vacation. 

      Buy from the professionals – Hedkandi meets Amika

      When you buy products from Amika through our store, you are supporting a company with a green ethos at its heart. Kind to the environment before it was a thing, the Amika range of products produce pro-level haircare solutions. This product is no different, with less energy used through its two-in-one design. At Hedkandi shop, we only sell products that we personally vouch for, including a huge range of Amika products.

      Buy your Amika Thermal Blowout Brush today to enjoy professional grade styling. It’s a must-have for salon owners and enthusiasts alike. Use with Amika’s range of vegan, cruelty free styling products to get the look you love. Shop today and rock that salon style!
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